Five Tools to Improve Your Java Code

Five great tools to reduce bugs and make your Java code more secure!


Writing quality code takes practice. To write better code, you need to know what should improve. Code quality and what makes code easy to read are very subjective; ask five different developers, you will get six different answers. For this post, I’ll avoid most of the subjective and focus on ways to detect real issues and potential bugs.

Watch GraalVM Turn Your Java Into Binaries

Tutorial: Learn how to build native binaries from a Java application with GraalVM's native-image tool.


There has been much buzz about GraalVM and what it means for the Java world. GraalVM is a Java distribution from Oracle that adds a bunch of features, most notably a new JIT compiler, polyglot capabilities, an LLVM runtime… and the ability to turn your Java application into a native binary.

How to Build a Maven Plugin

Tutorial: How to build a Maven plugin.


Apache Maven is still the most popular build tool in the Java space, thanks to the popularity of its ecosystem of plugins. It’s easy to find an existing plugin to do almost anything your application needs, from ensuring your source files have license headers, to validating binary compatibility between versions. Occasionally though, you need to write a custom plugin to fulfill a requirement in your product.